This Book Helps Improve Your Credit

Good credit can open doors, lower stress and save money. Your credit score can affect your life in many ways:

   - Home loan qualification is largely dependent upon your credit scores.
   - Auto loan rates range from 1% to over 30% depending on credit.
   - Insurance rates are affected by credit scores.
   - Most companies check credit as part of the hiring process.
   - Even potential landlords check credit in their screening process.

When people learn to manage their credit scores themselves, they not only gain an understanding of the credit system, they are also more naturally inclined to make better choices with the way they treat their own credit. By following five simple steps found in The Credit Games, you can improve your credit and take control of your life!

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The Credit Games

"By using The Credit Games system we were able to identify two small errors on our credit report... We got the errors corrected and within thirty days my credit score shot up to over 700..."
– Jessica

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"We thought we cleaned things up but we didn't seem to get any better credit... We found credit games. A simple letter to the credit agencies... My score went up 44 points in just over a month..."

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Jeff Stout

About the Author

Jeff Stout is a recognized credit expert who has helped thousands of clients to improve their credit scores and their overall financial well-being. His book, The Credit Games, is set to be released in the fall of 2011.

Jeff is the owner and founder of Fink & McGregor, a Salt Lake City based Mortgage Company and a three time winner of the Best in Salt Lake award for mortgage excellence. When he is not helping people improve their financial lives, Jeff likes to cook, fish, and play with his daughter, Emma, whom he is raising to change the world.

If you still aren' t sure about this book and how easy it is to follow, I completely understand. I was once in trouble with bad credit when I was younger. I have since then devoted my energy to helping other people to improve and raise their credit scores. I initially read a variety of different self help credit books and researched quite a few credit repair companies that claimed they could fix bad credit and raise credit scores. But after several failed attempts and little to show from it, I decided to take matters into my own hands by creating this book, The Credit Games, so that once and for all anybody can fix their own credit score without having to play any credit games.